Current lab members

Michal Ben-Israel, Postdoctoral Fellow (coming soon!)

We are excited to have Michal joining the lab later this fall, coming to us from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Stay tuned for more on her work!

Seth in his native Arkansas

Seth Gilchrist, PhD student, UC Merced

Seth is a grad student in the Environmental Systems graduate group and started his PhD journey at UC Merced in Fall 2021. He is primarily interested in sediment transport and how sediments alter and their effects on landscape evolution over time. Currently he is researching the possible differences that climate and topography have on chemical weathering in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada range.

Co-advised students

Dina Fieman, PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington

Co-supervised with Jamie Howarth and Kevin Norton

Dina’s dissertation (“quantifying the post-seismic sediment cascade and its impact of river dynamics”) addresses the cascade of sediment moving through landscapes in the wake of earthquake-induced landslide events like the 2016 earthquake in Kaikōura, New Zealand. She uses a combination of field work, numerical modeling, and cosmogenic nuclides.

Eron examines a soil pit

Eron Raines, PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Wollongong

Co-supervised with Kevin Norton, Anthony Dosetto, and Julie DeSlippe

Eron’s dissertation (“An Ecology of Chemical Weathering”) examines the connections between soil production, weathering, and microbiology. He uses U-series dating, mean residence times from radiocarbon, and a variety of biogeochemical analyses in soils from active landscapes in New Zealand.

Former students

Maia in the Upper Dobson, S. Island

Maia Bellingham (VUW, MSc 2020; primary supervisor):  Spatial patterns in erosion rates across a climate transect in the Southern Alps using cosmogenic nuclides.  Now employed in the environmental consulting field in Auckland.

Undergraduates: Marlie (nee Malone) Schell (BS, U. Wyoming); field and lab techs Evan Soderburg, Jeffrey Frey (U. Wyoming); GEOG 325 Weathering team (VUW)

Marlie in the eastern Sierra
Jeff with a most excellent soil pit
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