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About me: I am a geomorphologist and an educator. My research focuses on the interactions between climate, tectonics, Earth’s surface, and life. I’m particularly interested in the weathering and erosion of mountain landscapes. I use a combination of field work, numerical modelling, and geochemical methods, including tracer thermochronology, cosmogenic nuclides, and soil geochemistry.

Interested in working with me?  I started a new position as an Asst. Professor at UC Merced in January 2021, and I will be recruiting PhD students and UC Merced undergrads to join my group over the next few years. Graduate applications are generally due in mid-December. Have a look at my research page to learn more about my current research directions, and contact me if you’re interested in talking about possible projects. You can find out more about the Environmental Systems program at UC Merced here:

Postdoc position open!  I am currently looking for a postdoctoral fellow to help me set up my cosmogenic nuclide prep lab, and work on a new project involving landscape responses to deglaciation. Review begins May 15. Please get in touch if you want to know more! The full job ad and application is here:

You can reach me at clukens<at>


Photo credit: Reilly Dibner